Drive Away The Shadows

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.” Saint Francis of Assisi

Grieving has taught me to look outward, to search for the light, and to walk in hope. Turning inward is natural when one suffers a great loss. I felt angry, bitter, and constantly asked, “Why?” I discovered there are now answers to why. Life’s sense of fair play is to be unfair to all. It happens.

I also learned that living in darkness offers no hope, no way out, and becomes a self-imposed prison. The warden of the prison is me, and I hold the key to open the door and walk into freedom.

It takes courage to take the key, insert it into the door, and walk out of the darkness. Once out of the darkness, the light warms, It heals. It renews. It restores.

Let the light drive away your shadows. Be the light for others.



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