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I’m not cheap. I’m frugal. My dad said frugal was just a different word for being cheap. I tried to reason with him when I was older. He had a canned response, “Cheap, cheap, cheap.” I thought he was trying to imitate a canary. I never dared say that. So, here’s the story. I go to Whole Foods. I’ll get dinner there. It’s Whole Foods. They must cook healthily. At least, that’s what they want everyone to think. It looks healthy. I’ve had some of their food bar products and wraps. I wonder where Zagat rates it.

I drive the five miles to WF (short for Whole Foods not other Internet misspeak). I brimming with confidence. I walk in. I check out the grilled salmon. There must be some mistake. Surely, the piece of salmon I holding in my hand doesn’t cost more than the three frozen pieces I have in the freezer. I check another. Then, another. It’s the former researcher in me, I need enough data points to be certain. What a waste of a valuable twenty seconds I’ll neve have again.

I’m not discouraged. I go to the food bar. I walk around like I’m from the city health department. There is nothing that appeals to me. I should say, nothing that appeals to my wallet. I decide to head home and make a healthy, meal that will cost me one-third the price. I’m being frugal. I hear my dad hollering from heaven, “Cheap, cheap, cheap.”

How hard is it to make a salad? On a scale from one to ten. I give it a 3.5. The point five is cutting and scooping out the avocado. I like big salads. I use ready to eat, triple washed baby spinach and baby kale. I grab a handful and place it in a bowl. I rinse off of some cherry tomatoes and spread them around the salad for the photo. I use my slicer device and make nice even slices of the cucumber. I add almonds (I can count to ten). I place the two halves of the avocado on top of the salad. I pour a bit of Balsamic vinegar and EVOO around. Add and few sprinkles of feta and slip this baby into the fridge until I’m ready to eat.


Keep an eye out and I’ll tell how I made my salmon to go with this great salad. Hey, it’s a teaser, just like they do on the six o’clock news.

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