Put A Smile On

Every day is a great day. “What a minute, Ray. You don’t a bad day? Are you on work release from a rehab center?”

“What a minute, Ray. You don’t have a bad day? Are you on work release from a rehab center?”

“I’m serious, every day is a great day. Every day you can find to give you a bit joy, a touch of happiness, a hint of love. Put it together and you had a great day.”

“What about when everything goes wrong. I mean everything goes wrong.

“I see I’m dealing with a cynic. I’m dealing with a dude who’s bent over, cramped up, looks like he waiting curbside for the mortuary van. “Come on, let me see the edges turn up. When was the last time you smiled? Sing it┬ábuster.”

“There’s nothing to smile about. You watch the news? You read the online blogs? You follow politics, terror, crime.”

“I know the problem. If I know the problem. I can suggest an antidote. Don’t delay, your life hangs in the balance.”

“Hey tone it down a bit. I can hear you.”

“You kidding me. It’s a great day and tomorrow has all the making of an even better day. And, I’m FDA approved.”

“Are you dangerous? Or, simple minded?”

“I’m neither depressed dude. Here’s the deal. It’s your diet. Plan and simple. I’m putting you on a one month diet. It’s rough. You’re going cold turkey. Actually, cold turkey is better than turkey left out on the cabinet for a week.”

“I’m suffering enough. How much longer do I have to listen to you?”

“I’m doing the writing, so you’ll have to hang around as long as I want you to hang around.”

“Let’s get it over so I can rest.”

“No listening to cable news shows. No listening to the talking heads who think they have every answer. Watch the comedy channel. Read inspiring books. Take extended walks in nature. Meet every one of your neighbors. And, most importantly, do two kind acts a day. Do it all for a month and you’ll be The┬ádude, not a depressed dude.”

“Do I have to?”

“Afraid so. If you don’t, I’ll bring you back in the next blog.”

“I’m on it.”

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