Edamame, Greasy Hair, & Bushy Eyebrows

Some days you can’t help meeting people you don’t want to meet in this life or any life. It’s not that they are carrying a virus, although, it’s possible. I look for visible signs such as greasy hair, a foul body odor, dirty fingernails, hair growing out of ears, eyebrows being used as a comb over, and people who eat with their mouth open from a to-go bag of roasted

I can the first question, “What’s wrong with dirty fingernails?”

“Are you serious?”

“I think so.”

Another question, “What’s wrong with growing my eyebrows long? “Sir, I applaud your attempt at a comb over, but most people have a visible forehead.”

“Sir, I applaud your attempt at a comb over, but most people have a visible forehead.”

A statement to instruct me, “Washing your everyday dries it out, it robs hair of its natural oils.”

“And, when was the last time you washed your hair?”

“Can I check my iWatch. It keeps track of things like that.”

“While you’re checking, see if it tells you the last time you showered. Do you mind stepping farther away?”

Another statement, “Edamame is good for you. Especially if it’s loaded with sea salt, chili powder, and garlic.”

“Do you mind swallowing your snack before speaking, you’re spraying it over those next to you.”

“Why is everyone moving away from me?”

“Take your wth the guy with the greasy hair and foul body odor.”

These characters agreed to be in the blog, to help me show how easy it is to have a bias and let our bias get in the way of discovering the person. Granted, I had to buy pizza for the group and more edamame for the edamame guy.  We all have habits and behaviors others may not like. But, all of us want to be accepted and loved for who we are. I’d go on, but I want to try some edamame and hear the greasy hair guy’s story.


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