You’re Asking Me?

La Flor Series Episode 2

“This is my plan for today, Ray, listen up?”

“I thought I left you in yesterday’s blog.”

“Sorry, back by popular demand. Return engagement. Performance extended for another two weeks, with the potential for more.”

“Who’s making this deal with you? Certainly not me.”

“I made it behind your back with the WordPress folks. They’re more understanding and future thinking than you.”

“I don’t want to take offense, but I take offense. I’m a forward thinking guy. Most guys place the roll of toilet paper so the paper comes out on the backside of the roll. Not me. I’m a forward thinker, The paper rolls out right over the top, forward side – get it.”

Really interesting, Ray. Tell me more.”

“For another thing, I fold or hang the laundry when it comes out of the dryer. I don’t stuff it in a drawer or drop it on the floor in the closet like most of my species.”

“Are you aiming to be on the cover of Men’s Magazine. Forget it, you don’t qualify.”

“I don’t”

“You don’t eat red meat. Yah, you’re in shape but we got to work on getting a six-pack. There both qualifiers. Read the small print. You need me. I can help you get to where you’re going.”

“Where am I going?”

“You’re asking me? You, really, really, really need me.”

That’s the way life is; it is a series of stops and starts. We get to where we’re going and we realize we have to keep going. Then, one day, we realize there is only one place we want to go, we hear the message in our heart, and we change. Everything is different. We are different. I know where I am going, and it has made all the difference in my life.

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