It Take Two To Tango

The past two days an annoying character made her way into my blog. Who is she? Where did she come from? Why is she here? Should I get a court order to keep her at least four blogs away?

“Well, Ray. You could at least offer a Coke Zero.”

“How did you get in? What are you doing here? I have no intention of going any further with you. Consider this a breakup. It’s over. It’s finished. It’s done.”

“Can’t happen, Ray.  I’ll tell you why before you ask me. It’s Psychology 101. It takes two to tango. It takes two to click coffee mugs.”

“What are you talking about? That is not Psychology 101. It’s nonsense. You are becoming more annoying by the minute.”

“Is too, Psychology 101. Before you raise an objection, let me tell you why.”

“This ought to be good.”

“Thank you. I like high expectations. A car has two headlights. Humans have two eyes. And, more importantly, there are 935 words that begin with tw including two. Case closed.”

“Are you dangerous? Don’t answer that. Besides annoying, I think you’re rude. You may even have a touch of narcissism.”

“Probably true to all the above, Ray. Should I point out your flaws?”

“No. My male ego is sensitive today.”

“It’s why you need your gentle feminine side, Ray. Your conscience won’t let you write me out of your blogs.”

“What I am going to do with you! Quit badgering me.”

“Don’t pick on cute animals.”

“What animals?”


“I must be in Dante’s sixth circle of hell.”

“No, you’re in your study. Are you losing touch with reality? Nod if you are. I know where you can get help.”

“I’m selecting every sentence with you in it and hitting the delete button. That’s what I’m going to do.”

“Lighten up, Ray. Turn up the corners. That’s better. This is what you’re going to do with me, Ray.”

“This ought to be really, really good.”

“You can’t write by yourself. You need a partner. Don’t ask. I accept the position. Tomorrow I’ll tell you my name. You’re going to learn to get along with me. You’re going to accept me as I am and see the wonderful gifts I bring to you.”

Whoever this character is, I think I’m going to listen to her. She makes a lot of sense. Accepting each other as we are, seeing each other’s unique gifts, andlListening without judging are things I’m going to work on straight away.

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