Do You Mind If I Stand Next To You?

“What are you doing, Ray?”

“I’m standing in the middle of my backyard, hoping to find a quiet space. Get the hint.”

“Do you mind if I stand next to you?”

“Yes, this is my space. Don’t confuse that comment with any old social network application.”

P or B or C points, “Ray, your space is there. My space is here. You can’t have two spaces at the same time. It’s a law of spaceography.”

“I don’t think there is such a word as spaceography. Okay, stand there, be quiet and let me settle my mind.”

“Is so a word, language evolves every day. Is your mind unsettled? Did you try Tums?”

“That’s for an unsettled stomach, not an unsettled mind. If you don’t mind, quiet please while I do my mantra and breath deeply.”

“What mantra are you using? If I like it, I’ll use it too. Why did you step away from me?”

“I need more space.”

“I liked your original space better than my original space; since you’re not in your original space, I’ll claim it. See, I’m next to you again. Okay, give up the mantra.”

“No, I will not give up the mantra. And, please leave my original space.”

“I think closeness will help us bond. What do you think?”

“I don’t want to bond. I also don’t think I’ll find peace in my backyard.”

“That’s what I was thinking. I heard you go can get a good piece of chicken at Bub’s Barbeque.”

“I want peace not piece.”

“You’re unsettling my mind, Ray. Do you have any Tums?”

We all need to find a sacred space. We need a place where we can go and allow our minds to clear, bodies to settle into their natural rhythm. And, for me, a place to pray and be silent. I have such a space in my backyard. If I miss going to it for several days, I feel it. I hope you created a personal sacred space.



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