What Kind of Hell Am I In?

“How about a serious blog today La Flor? It is La Flor or did you change it?”

“Do you mean to tell me that your blogs are not serious? And, I am keeping my name for the time being La Flor has a nice ring to it.”

“Are you still pursuing a career as a PI?”

“It’s my dream job, Ray. I want to start on something a little less demanding. Do you have any ideas?”

“I have a great idea for you. Why don’t you co-write today’s blog on making the perfect meal?”

“I’m on it, Ray. Move out of my way.”

“Try not to be impetuous, La Flor. Let’s take it slowly.”

“Don’t get in My Way, Ray. This is my chance for the big breakthrough. You’ll see my star power. I’ll rocket to the top. After this blog, I’ll be on the Food Channel. I’ll have my own show. I’ll need a lawyer and agent. You won’t do. If you’re nice to me, I’ll give you a cameo. Don’t worry, I won’t forget your birthday or Christmas.”

“As always, La Flor, you always have others in mind first. What’s your idea for our food blog?”

“I don’t like the sound of our. I’m going to start easy with a five-course vegan meal.”

“Let’s simple it down a tad. At least for the first one. We’ll still keep it vegan. Do you want to hear my suggestion?”

“Let me guess, a hard-boiled egg?”

“No. I believe a peanut butter sandwich will do.”

“What’s the title of the blog, Bag Lunches for Kindergarten Students?”

“Peanut butter sandwiches bring me back to a kinder, gentler time when I …”

“Don’t go there if you’re going where I think you’re going, and I know that’s where you’re going.”

“Where do you think I’m going? I don’t look like I’m going anywhere. I’m sitting listening to you.”

“There you go, Ray. Don’t give me that look. You are going where you’re not supposed to be going if you want your peanut butter sandwich. And, I might call your Uncle Joe.”

“Leave Uncle Joe out of it. He never forgets me on Christmas. Where did you learn to read minds?”



“And, The View. Okay, creamy or chunky?”

“I prefer organic, creamy.”

“This is so boring. White bread okay?”

“I prefer a whole grain bread with at least 7 grams of fiber, five grams of protein, toasted, not burned or charred, it has a golden hue and the outside is crunchier than the inside.”

“Who do you think it’s going to read this blog?”

“Organic peanut butter lovers?”

La Flor covered her eyes, and said, “What kind of hell am I in?”

Everyone has the right to change his or her mind at least once. Make that as many times as he or she wants to change it. Life is filled with rapid changes and when we adapt to changes we discover new challenges, new adventures, and a wonderful opportunity to keep learning and growing.



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