Grateful For All

A grateful attitude is a pathway to happiness, joy, and love. When I view life through my heart’s lens, I see all life as a gift I have no time for sorrow, no time for envy, no time to crawl inside a personal prison. I jump for joy, for each moment is Christmas – it is all gift. Please enjoy this powerful YouTube video about gratitude.


    1. I’ve always thought of myself as a grateful person, Diana. Yet, after my wife died, expressing gratitude was difficult. When I came to the place of being grateful for each moment I spent with her, grieving ceased to be oppressive and I began to “dance with grieving.” I know of no other way through. Thank you for your kind comments. Ray

      1. Oh Ray, I was so sad to read of your loss…yet your approach to the grief is inspirational. I’ve never been through anything like this. Sending warmth your way!

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