When Does The Photo Shoot Start?

What happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas.

The four of us are out for free pizza courtesy of Big Carmen.

“It’s a good ting my daddy is generous to us seeing he knows I spents a lot of cash on the beautiful, tough, and edgy woman in Vegas. And, it was all worth it,” said Little Carmen. I give the boy credit for a quick recovery. I want to high five him, but decide not to.

I give the boy credit for a quick recovery. I want to high five him, but decide not to.

“Who’s your daddy?” asked TT.

TT needs some work on his street smarts. It’s a toss up if he’ll survive the rough and tumble world of the alt egos.

“Are you clueless?” asked La Flor. “Who do you think sired this hunk?” La Flor now stroking the dark black hair of her well trained Little Carmen.

“Did he says ‘who’s my daddy?” Little Carmen makes squeezing motions with his fists., he needs a clue, beautiful, tough, edgy and I

“Easy, easy, big fellow. He doesn’t understand the way of the world like my hunk,” said La Flor.

“For use, I will give him a clue,” said Little Carmen. His voice about as suck up as a masculine male voice can sound.

TT acted as if he was the recipient of a series of electrical prods. He squirmed non stop. His hives spread across his neck rising to his cheeks. Both eyes twitching. His knees jerking.

“Do use have hemorrhoidals, TT? asked Little Carmen.

“I love it when TT gets nervous. He changes colors so quickly,” said La Flor.

“Uh, no.”

“Then whys use squirming like a bug on an anchovy pizza?” asked Little Carmen.

I interrupted, “TT has never met Big Carmen. He doesn’t know Big Carmen is your daddy,” I said.

“It’s okay, Ray. LC knows I love it when TT gets nervous. Look at him move. He could be on America’s Got Talent,” said La Flor.

“I’s gonna interest him to my daddy, utterwise (yes, he said, utterwise and interest instead of introduce) who is known to all, including me as Big Carmen,” said Little Carmen. Then he hollered toward the counter, “Big Carmen, if use can spare us a moment or four, can use come over? I want use to meet TT.”

“Lemmie finish this pie, Little Carmen. Since you’ve been with, and don’t get me wrong, the beautiful dish who is sitting next to use and I don’t mean, Ray, I has to work twice, maybe six times as hard making pizza. This is because I don’t have no quality help around here,” Big Carmen hollered from behind the counter.

“What happened to cousin Ernie? He didn’t work out?” asked Little Carmen.

“Ernie was working out fine. He was even doing deliveries for me. How’s I to know that he was casing houses when he delivered pizza. If I’d know that I would not have him doing deliveries. Now, the cops are detaining him until bail can be posted. I will not bail his sorry butt out. I will let Rogerio bail out his son.”

“Where’s Rogerio gonna come up with the cash?” asked Little Carmen.

“Not to worry. I loaned it to him at a favorable interest rate,” said Big Carmen.

TT said, “That’s your dad? He won’t hurt me, right?”

“Why’s he gonna hurt use? Use swiping the sugar or pepper packets? Maybe use is swiping the sugar substitute packets. If use is doing this, give them up now and I will speak in your behalfs,” said Little Carmen.

“I, I never stole anything. Honest,” TT’s voice a tick below high C. His right knee timed out at ninety-three miles an hour.

Big Carmen strolled over, “How’s the most beautiful girl on the planet doing?” He ignored the rest of us.

“If you were only twenty years younger, I’d dumped LC,” smiled La Flor.

“Use gonna dump me for Big Carmen,” a note of panic in Little Carmen’s voice.

“I said if Big Carmen is twenty years younger, LC. You don’t have to worry unless Big Carmen can make himself twenty years younger.”

“Big Carmen, use is not going to make useself twenty years younger, promise me that,” begged Little Carmen.

“No, I will do use that favor. But’s I have a big favor. I mean a really, really, really big favor I to ask this beautiful woman. If she says yes, I will be in her debt and possibly yours. But I will not be in Ray’s debt or in the skinny radish with the high pitched voice. Doesn’t he have any use knows what?”

“They was twisted in a misunderstanding, Big Carmen,” said Little Carmen. “I am hoping they get better of their own accordion.”

La Flor’s interest is piqued, “What is it BC?”

“I wants use to be the public Image of Carmen’s Pizzeria. I will plaster your beautiful image all over this city and television. When peoples see use, they will thinks Carmen’s Pizzeria. Can we make a deal that will be generous to two faults for use?”

“I need time to think it over,” said La Flor.

“How much times do use need?” asked Big Carmen.

“It’s a deal. When do we do the photo shoot?” she said.

A photo shoot? La Flor, the image of Carmen’s Pizzeria? Where is this all leading?



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