Use My Good Side

“How many times do I have to tell you LC, take the photos and video from my good side,” La Flor barking orders like a Marine drill sergeant.

(Note: after La Flor’s complaints about not getting top billing in dialogue I had no choice but to start today’s blog with her).

“But beautiful, tough, edgy and sexy and spicy model for Carmen’s Pizzeria use only has good sides,” pleaded Little Carmen.

“That’s true. A little English 101, LC, good, better, best. Comprehende? Only use my best sides. Good is not good enough and better is for losers,” La Flor fired at Little Carmen.

Off to the side, Big Carmen and Lil Carlo kibitz, “This is what I likes about the beautiful, tough, edgy and more popular than my pepperoni special on Super Bowl Sunday.”

“Big Bro, do use has to toss the salad for your establishment every time use mentions her,” said Lil Carlo.

“What I tell you about the cliches? Enough already. I forgot to mention the pepperoni pizza comes with extra cheese and is seven sixty-three today only.”

“Cut the chatter, LC can’t concentrate,” barked La Flor while checking herself out in the mirror.

“That’s because use is showing too much cleavage, which to me is not a bad thing,” said Big Carmen.

“The kid can’t handle it, Big Bro. She gots him wrapped around her little toe.”

“I agrees with that. Maybe I gots to find a substitute to handle the photos and video. What chu tinks?” said Big Carmen.

“What about the skinny red pencil with the comb over and eye twitch?” suggested twitch?” suggested

TT was standing next to LC holding a poster board that read, “If you want to be beautiful and nice as me, you’ll love Carmen’s Pizza.”

“LC, LC, LC zoom in on my face, por favor,” shrieked La Flor.

“I, keep forgetting too beautiful, tough, and edgy super model,” apologized Little Carmen.

“We gonna take a break and make some changes. Tings are not going as well as I tinks they should be going if use know what I means,” said Big Carmen.

“I know what you mean,” said TT trying his best to suck up to Big Carmen.Carmen.trying his best to suck up to Big Carmen.

“What was not going right?” demanded La Flor.

“Use was perfect, beautiful, tough, edgy and no one better cross your path super model. I was speaking about the photographer and I am going to make a switch.”

“What photographer?” said Little Carmen.

“The only one we got,” answered Big Carmen.

“I take great photos, can I take his place? Let me show you my work I did today,” said Little Carmen. He holds up his iPhone to Big Carmen.

“Dis is a family blog, delete those photos.”Dis is a family blog, delete those photos.”

“But Big Carmen, they’re all of the beautiful, tough, and edgy, brighter than the brightest star woman?”

“Delete or use knows what’s gonna happen.”

“Darn it.”

“Use is regulated to holding the poster board and TT gonna take use place. Gives him the iPhone.”

“My new, nobody in the world but me has one, iPhone? No. Please, No,” pleaded Little Carmen.

“That’s the one. Go get your Android.”

“Not my Android.”

“It’s all about me, remember,” shouted La Flor.

“Opps,” Big Carmen, Little Carmen, and TT said. Lil Carlo didn’t say anything, He was studying the horses for the fifth race at Pimlico.

Will the photo shoot ever end? Will Little Carmen get his new iPhone back? Will Lil Carlo pick a winner? Will La Flor ever be happy with any photo or video? So many questions. Did I mention Big Carmen’s sister Carmela?



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