Never Quit – Never Quit

Our innate ability to bounce back from tragedy amazes me. It is part of our DNA if we dare tap into it. We’re not taught how to bounce back in school, or become emotionally prepared for great challenges. When we’re knocked down, we can’t stay down. We MUST get up off the floor and continue. Time and again, life asks us to rise and press forward. This four-minute Vimeo video shows the resilience of Filipino young people after a typhoon. Their courage and resilienceĀ are my teachers. I hope they are yours as well.





  1. It’s amazing to see how people who have suffered so much can be resilient and see the positives in their situation. It just reminds me that failure and hardship should be fuel for success. Great share Ray šŸ™‚

    1. We’re all walking the journey together – at some point we each experience the struggle- when we respond with courage, strength and faith we become an example for others. Thanks for the insightful comment. Ray

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