Are They Serious?

La Flor sports an assortment of arm candy given to her by her main squeeze, LC, is serious about this venture. The first time I’ve seen her really trying to make something work. Let’s listen in . . .

“We’re going to be big stars LC. Me, I’m beautiful, tough, and edgy. You, LC, you’re handsome, muscles in all the right places, and you hold me on a pedestal. I’ve been thinking about the lyrics for a hit song.”

“Whatcha thinking? Because I been thinking too and when I plays me air guitar, I puts music to my thoughts.”

“I wish I learned to play an instrument, like you, LC, but Ray never let me,” whined La Flor.

I take it all back. This isn’t going to work. Maybe I should have some faith, give them a little rope, see how they work it out.

“How’s this for an idea, beautiful, tough, and edgy one. When you come up with use brilliant words, which I already knows will be more brilliant than my brilliant words, I will puts them to music with my air guitar, which, by the way, I have right beside me.”

Is he nuts? An air guitar? Surely La Flor isn’t going down this road.

La Flor bends over the edge of the table and stares for a moment, “It’s beautiful. It must have cost you a lot.”

“Tanks, but it didn’t cost me a cent, Vinnie saw it laying around when he was doing a night time job for Big Carmen, so he picked it up for me.”

“Vinnie is a such a darling, two bad he’s got six months in the slammer,” said La Flor.

“Big Carmen’s working on it. He said, he’ll have Vinnie out in no time,” said LC

“How so?” said La Flor.

“Seems Big Carmen had Lil Carlo follow the D.A. around and it seems the D.A. didn’t play Monopoly. Instead of going directly home, he went directly to his girlfriend’s house and Big Carmen asked him if he should put the photos on Instagram or what? As the case may be, the DA all of a sudden found evidence that clears Vinnie.”

“I always thought he was innocent,” said La Flor. Then she looked into LC’s eyes, “Don’t move you handsome, muscular, one of a kind man. I feel an inspiration coming upon me.”

“Sings it sister,” said LC.

“Here goes, first line. They say we’re young and we don’t know. 

“I got the second line wit a rhyme,” said LC. “Listen, We won’t find out until we grow.”

“We’re on a roll. The third line is coming to me,” said La Flor, Well I don’t know if all that’s true.

“I’m on fire beautiful, tough, and edgy pop star, If I may,” said LC.

“Take it home, my hunk,” hollered La Flor.

“I gots the rest of the song. A sure fire hit. ‘Cause you got me, and baby I got you – Babe. I got you Babe, I got you Babe.

What will Sonny and Cher say? Sonny will be quiet, I don’t know about Cher. I’ve got to step in before they’re sued.

“I think someone already has done that song. Sonny Bono wrote the words and music,” I said trying my best to put my diplomatic foot forward.

“Impossible, Ray. We just thought of it. Let Sonny Bono get someone else’s music. LC, put some music to it,” said La Flor.

LC reached for his air guitar, He moved his hands this way and that way. “How’s it sound?”

I want to say ‘It sounds like you’re both nuts,’ but I hold my tongue.


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