A Match Made By La Flor


“Yes, La Flor?”

“O’Leary and Gina didn’t work out. I knew he was too good for her. Gina’s a gold digger and she’s looking for a sugar daddy.”

“You think O’Leary is a sugar daddy?”

“Gina never set her sights too high. Being the good person I am, I am going to set O’Leary up with Carmela, will you help me?”

“I think Carmela and TT are together. I don’t do breakups,” I said.

“Look at it from Carmela’s perspective, Ray. TT’s no fun. His idea of a fun night is to have a cup of decaf tea, hot air popcorn without anything on it, and watch AMC. Duh. Boring. We’ll be saving her from emotional starvation.”

“Every time I see them they’re happy,” I said.

“Carmela is laughing on the outside and a Ninja blender on the inside. It’s eating her alive. See what I mean?”

Not exactly, but I keep quiet, “Has she talked to you about her feelings?” I asked.

“Remember, I’m her mentor. She always asking for advice.”

“What did she say?”

“What didn’t she say is a better question, Ray.”

“I think you’re trying to start trouble because you’re bored,” I said.

“Who me?” said La Flor pointing a finger toward her face.

“Yes, you.”

“Big Carmen sent TT to New Orleans on family business. Carmela is home alone and she is the one who is bored. And, I’m not talking a small b. I’m talking a capital B. LC and me invited O’Leary and Carmela to come for dinner tonight. What are you going to make?”

“You’re going too far, La Flor.”

“No, the dining room is right over there. We won’t have to leave home. LC and me would help with the cooking, but we want to look awesome so your on your own. I prefer salmon grilled to perfection. LC wants steak and fries. O’Leary likes hotdogs with lots of ketchup. And, Carmela will have a small salad. I don’t want her to put on any more weight.”

“She’s not heavy.”

“She is a size two. That’s bigger than me. Desert will be donuts. You can order those from Joey’s.”

“Can I ask Lorenzo to cater it?”

“Okay, but don’t get in the way of love. It’s going to be a match made by La Flor. I might have a new career going.


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