Change Our Attitude – Change Our Life

I wish everything turned out the way I wanted it turn out. It’s not the way life works. Sometimes life throws a fastball right past us. What are our choices? We can complain. We can RSVP to a personal pity party. Or, we can assess our situation, adopt a different attitude, determine to make something good happen from our circumstances. The following short YouTube video provides a great example and motivation for us to look at all situations through an optimistic lens.

You’re Going To Get Us Killed

The dark green, new BMW, with vanity plates reading DrBigBucks turned onto the freeway. Farlo slid the BMW into the driving lane between a 16-wheeler loaded with frozen chicken and oversized unmarked van carry ten undocumented workers.

“Watch it. You’re going to get us killed,” screamed Joey involuntarily tensing his body, closing his eyes and placing both of his palms on the dashboard. The blast from the horn of the 16-wheeler caused Joey to reach for the door handle. It wouldn’t budge.

“You’re going nowhere, kid. I got it all under control,” said Farlo as he pulled into the next lane cutting off an oversized pickup truck. The pickup truck driver pulled into the third lane and pulled even with the BMW. Farlo lowered his window.

“What do you think you’re doing? I don’t want to get involved in road rage,” pleaded Joey.

“Too late, kid. You’re in the middle of it and you’re not going anywhere. Never back down. Don’t take prisoners. Those have been my live by mottos for years,” Growled Farlo, with one eye on the road and the other eye on the oversized red pickup truck.

“You’re nuts,” said Joey.

“Get in line, kid. You’re not the first person to say that. You got to be a little nuts to work for Filo,” said Farlo.

“Who’s Filo,” asked Joey.

“Later, Kid. I think it’s go time,” Farlo watched the passenger side window of the oversized red pickup roll down.

Joey undid his seatbelt and slide to the floor, hoping any bullets would miss him.

The driver of the oversized red pickup looked over at the BMW with the vanity plate DrBigBucks, raised his automatic and pointed it toward the BMW.

The driver and Farlo went eyeball to eyeball. The driver hollered, “Farlo? What are you doing driving that piece of crap?”

Farlo said, “Mad Dog, where you fighting tonight?”

Joey hollered from the floor, “You know each other?”

Mad Dog said, “I can’t, I thought you were DrBigBucks. I tore my ACL and he wouldn’t operate on me because I didn’t have the right insurance.”

“Don’t worry, Mad Dog. I’ll text Filo and he’ll set you up with the best ortho in the business, no charge. As for DrBigBucks. His karma lesson is only beginning. You hear anything about Harry J?”

The line of traffic backing up behind Mad Dog and DrBigBucks was growing impatient. Horns began blaring. Sirens were heard in the distance. Mad Dog nodded and said something, but the noise from the other traffic was deafening. Farlo waved at Mad Dog and floored the accelerator.

“What did he say?” said Joey.

“I don’t know. I read his lips, but I’m not sure I got it all. Get off the floor and buckle up you pantywaist.”

“I am not a pantywaist. I used to shoot darts at the bar, before you entered my life.”

Farlo looked at Joey, shook his head, and veered to an off ramp, causing a dark blue Lexus to clip his left rear fender. The Lexus careened into the back of another Lexus that slammed into the back of a Mercedes.

Who’s Filo? Where’s Harry J? Who doesn’t Farlo know?

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