Do I Have To Tell You Everything?

Farlo, Tina, and Joey stood outside the black and white. Joey half turned and stared at the black and white. “Tina’s not going to be happy. You’ll be lucky if she doesn’t figure out you’re a fake and tosses your butt in the can.” Joey gloated.

Farlo not looking at Joey, said, “I got a hundred dollars says she asks me to go to her place for a glass of wine after O’Rourke’s.”

“You know I don’t have any money. You quit my job for me. You haven’t paid me a cent in the three weeks we’ve known each other. How can I make a bet with money I don’t have?”

“The only reason you haven’t been paid is that Filo knows you can’t handle cash.”

“How does Filo know that?” asked Joey.

“I told him,” growled Farlo. Then he added, “Give me your left arm.”

“Why? What are you going to do with it?”

“I’m going to cut it off and beat you over the head with it. What do you think I’m going to do with it?”

Joey stuck out his left arm, “You’re kidding, right?”

Farlo snapped the cuffs back on Joey, “Let’s go punk.”

“Why the attitude?” said Joey.

“I’m getting into character, don’t take it personal,” growled Farlo.

“What’s my character?” said Joey.

“Do I have to tell you everything?”

“Un huh,” said Joey.

“You’re a punk. I’m dragging you along to identify Harry J. You’re turning state’s evidence against him,” said Farlo.

“What did Harry do? What did I do?”

“It’s all fake, you didn’t do anything. Make it up. Wing it. Tap dance your way through. Do you want me to write Cliff Notes on your arm?”

“That’s how I got through high school,” said Joey.

“I have no clue what Filo saw in you. No one on the team wanted to take you in. Filo overruled us. He’s the boss.”

“Filo knows greatness. Who’s Filo?” asked Joey.

“Never mind, punk. It’s go time,” snarled Farlo dragging Joey to the door.

A chubby, retired Walmart employee now supplementing his income as a security guard blocked the door’s entrance, “Where are you going?”

Farlo took one look at the guy and said, “One of two places, I going through you or kicking your ass and walking through unimpeded.” Tina growled.

“Sorry officer, simple misunderstanding. Nice doggy,” said the guard and stepped out of the way.

Farlo pulled Joey through and pushed him. Joey stumbled, looked up at Farlo, “A little less realism would be a big help.”

A very official svelte looking woman in a navy blue skirt, navy blue suit jacket and white silk blouse, and stiletto heels came rushing over. “Just hold it there. Who are you? Who is this putrid looking creature in handcuffs? Dogs are not allowed in here.”

Farlo glanced at her. “You’re not bad looking. If you let your hair down, ditched the business suit, and wore a little makeup I could dig you. As it is, I’m tied up with Officer Martinez tonight. She’s got the look. You could learn a lot from her.”

“What are you talking about?” said the woman.

“I’m talking about what makes the world go around and around and around.”

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about,” said the woman.

“I’ll tell you who does?” said Farlo.

“Who?” asked the woman mesmerized by Farlo’s deep blue eyes.

“Harry J. He’ll tell you all about it. Where is he?”

“Harry J? Harry J? Why? Why? Why?” she stuttered, her eyes unable to walk away from Farlo’s magnetic pull.

“Your digital recording is stuck on two tracks, sister. You want to take the heat on this caper, you won’t like women’s prison. You’ll have to wear a jump suit that wasn’t purchased at Saks.”

“Oh dear,” said the woman.

“The last I saw him, he was in Room 112 or was it Room 117 or was it 100. They keep moving him around. My name’s Margaret Johnson. I’m the activities director. Do you really think I would be more attractive with your tips?”

“You’d knock my socks off?” said Farlo.

“What are you doing about 8 tonight?”

“What about me?” asked Joey.

“Your eyes look like fish eyes. I don’t date sardines, kid.”

Farlo looked at Joey, shook his head, “You got to learn when to keep quiet, kid. You don’t have a clue.”

“Will you teach me?” begged Joey.

“We’ve got to rescue Harry J first. Let’s move out.”

Farlo and Tina started down the east wing. Joey trailed behind. Margaret watched and blew a kiss toward Farlo, he turned, smiled and stuck up his arm to make as if he caught it.

Will they ever rescue Harry J? Who is Harry J and why is he important? Will Farlo and Margaret get together? What about Martinez? Will Joey ever meet Filo? Who’s Filo?

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