My Plate’s Full Tonight

Farlo glanced at Joey G channeling Clint Eastwood. Tina still sat in the hub of the garbage truck gnawing on rib bones. Farlo looked over to the three stooges and started laughing. It wasn’t a fake laugh. It was one of those deep belly laughs, the kind that once they start you can’t stop. He bent over, placed his hands on his knees and was taking in huge gulps of air. Tears were streaming down his face.

The taller of the two tough dudes said, “What’s so funny, old dude?”

Farlo looked up at the taller of the two tough dudes, “Your fly’s open.”

The taller of the tough two dudes reached down and felt for his zipper. He quickly zipped up his fly. “Thanks, man. I got an image on the street. If I want to collect protection money and sell drugs, I can’t do it with my fly down. Hey, what are you laughing at?” The taller of the tough two dudes whacked the smaller of the tough two dudes on the arm.

“Pick on someone your own size. That hurt,” said the smaller of the tough two dudes.

The tough dame looked at Farlo, “You are one cool dude. What are you doing tonight? There’s a place I like, it’s called O’Rourke’s. Want to meet up after you rescue Harry J?”

Farlo said, “Nothing I’d like better tough dame, but I got my plate full tonight. Joey G has an opening at ten.”

Joey G waved at the tough dame.

The tough dame said, “He’s not cool like you, but he’s kind of cute. Okay Clint, see you at ten. Harry J is in room 110. He’s waiting for you. BTW, tell Filo we’re repaying all the collection money. It was our cover while we waited for you.”

Joey G said, “You guys weren’t selling drugs?”

“Only idiots use that stuff. What do you take us for? We was only passing out packets of vitamin C before flu season set in,” said the smaller of the two tough guys.

“You’re not the Manchurian mob?” asked Joey G.

“Manchurian mob? You reading comic books or watching cable? We work for Filo,” said the taller of the two tough guys.

“Nice seeing you again, Farlo,” they said in unison. The taller and shorter tough guys fist bumped Farlo, turned and followed the tough dame back into the building.

Tomorrow, Farlo and Joey G finally catch sight of Harry J. What’s gives? Will we meet Filo?

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