He Needs Relationship Help

Farlo turned and looked at the garbage truck, “We don’t need this. We’re abandoning it. It’s time to rescue Harry J.”

Joey G held up his right hand like a cop directing traffic, “Hold on Farlo. We just can’t abandon a garbage truck. We got permission to borrow it.”

“Look, kid. Read your manual. It’s on page 734, section 5, paragraph 3. I quote it since you can’t find the time for reading the manual. It reads, “You can abandon a garbage truck even if you borrowed it from a beautiful, fully figured African American woman.”

Joey G said, “Do you think you’re talking to a second grader? You made all that up.”

“Didn’t. Filo has a gift to predict future contingencies. Don’t hold me back, Kid,” grumbled Farlo.

“If you’re so smart. What will I tell the beautiful, fully figured African American who wants to have drinks with me at O’Rourke’s? What if she wants to stay longer than an hour? What am going to do with tough dame?” asked Joey G.

Farlo glanced at Tina, “Do I look like his father?” Then he turned his attention to Joey G, “What did you learn in school? You’ve got no clue on working the relationship. I bet the longest you’ve been a relationship is seventy-two hours.”

Tina barked twice in agreement with Farlo.

Joey G was puzzled for a moment, then he said, “How many days is that?”

“You are dense. I think you got one too many hits to the head. You play football?”

“Fantasy football at the bar. You think the pot smoking in high school messed up my brain?”

Farlo said, “You asked and answered your question. That’s a good start. Seventy-two hours is three days.”

Joey G beamed in triumph, “You are so wrong. You don’t know everything. You only think you do.”

Farlo scratched his head. “I’m usually pretty good at this. How many days?”

“A whole weekend, one time.”

Farlo looked down to Tina, “It’s not worth it, is it girl?”

Tina Barked.

“What?” asked Joey G.

“Let’s go. I don’t want to miss Harry J again,” barked Farlo sounding like an agitated pit bull. He turned and walked toward the delivery door of the Crack House. Tina followed. Joey G stood still basking in his victory over Farlo.

Farlo reached the door, turned back, and said, “Well? You gonna stand there recalling the one exciting moment in your life before I entered it?”

Joey G scurried to the delivery door. He said, “What’s the plan? Will you mentor me on how to handle the beautiful, fully figured African American woman who digs me? What about the tough dame. She thinks I’m cute. I got two hot women after me.”

“What you have, kid, are two beautiful women who want to do charity work. No more talk, follow me.” Farlo opened the delivery door. It opened to the hallway. The tough dame stood three-fourths of the way down the hall and pointed to a room. She blew a kiss toward the trio.

Farlo extended his right arm, pretended he caught the kiss, and put his hand on his lips and sent a kiss back. The tough dame mimicked Farlo’s moves, turned and walked toward a door that left to the Crack House’s store.

Joey G whispered, “That move was so unfair. Her kiss was meant for me. I’m sure it was. If I had a few more seconds I would have made an acrobatic catch to put you to shame.”

Farlo ignored Joey G’s complaint and strode down the hallway. He stopped by the door indicated by the tough dame. Tina sat on her haunches next to Farlo. Joey G trailed, practicing extending his left arm high over his head.

When Joey G approached Farlo and Tina, Farlo put his finger to his lips and pointed to the door. Farlo stepped toward the door and put his ear against it. Joey G did the same. Tina sat on her haunches, feeling superior to the human species because dogs had super sensitive hearing.

Farlo pulled his head back from the door, Joey G stayed against the door. Farlo grabbed Joey G by the shoulder and yanked him back. He got up close to Joey G’s face and whispered, “On the count of two we’re going in. Get your head in the game.”

Joey G whispered, “What’s with counting to two instead of three?”

“I’m making it simple for you,” growled Farlo.

Farlo placed his hand on the door knob. He slowly twisted it. He moved the door a fraction of an inch, it wasn’t locked. “One, two.”

Farlo opened the door, walked in and stared at five people, three men and two women sitting in chairs who were focused on a solitary figure sitting on a folding chair in front of them. Tina and Joey G stood in order behind Farlo. Joey G was wondering if Farlo’s body would stop any bullet before it reached him.

Who are these people? Which one is Harry J? Is Filo in the room?

Facing Our Challenges

Each day brings us a new challenge. The challenges unforeseen. The challenges, some small and some great. The challenges, at times shaking us to a very core. The challenges, looking at us, laughing at us, asking us if we are man or woman enough to face them head on and not back down. In this brief YouTube video get inspired to meet your challenges. Listen to Morgan Freeman recite William Ernest Henley’s poem, Invictus, the poem Nelson Mandela turned to for strength while in prison.

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