Chapter 18 ~ Doing It Our Way

Chapter 18 ~ The Gloves Come Off In The Dating Game

A bright sun peeked through the tops of the tall pine trees sending streaks of light through its boughs. Matt was sound asleep on his cot, his Cowboys’ football blanket pulled up around his neck. Grace was standing over him watching him sleep. She saw the smile on on Matt’s face, whatever he was dreaming, it must be a happy dream, she thought. Grace was wearing a modest one-piece navy blue bathing suit. She walked to the cabin door, opened it and felt a cool breeze embrace her and took a deep breath. It felt refreshing. She looked down toward the lake and saw five deer drinking water. She glanced to her left and spotted Brad, He was wearing swimming trunks and no t-shirt. He was doing pushups. She could see the muscles on his back and arms ripple with each pushup. She stepped back, she did not want Brad to think she was staring at him.
Grace walked back into the cabin over to Matt. Matt was now on his side. She gently shook him calling, “Matt, Matt, wake up. You’re snoozing you’re losing.”
Matt rolled onto his back, and rubbed his eyes, and said, “What time is it, Mom? Did I oversleep?”
“No, you didn’t oversleep. I thought you might want to see the five deer down by the lake. And, by the way, Brad is exercising. He is doing pushups.”
Matt jumped out of bed, “Why didn’t you wake me earlier. I wanted to exercise with Brad.”
“Matt, you didn’t know Brad was going to exercise,” said Grace chasing after Matt as he ran toward the cabin door. She called, “Matt, stop. Change into your bathing trunks and put your Nike’s on.”
Matt stopped at the cabin door and hollered, “Brad, I’ll be right there to exercise with you. Wait for me.”
Brad looked up in the middle of a pushup and said, “I’ve just started. I’m going to run three miles before we go swimming. Want to run with me?”
“I’ll be there in five minutes,” called Matt.
Grace stood aside and let Matt race by him.
A moment later she heard Matt, “Mom, I need my Cowboys’ t-shirt. Where are my running shorts, you brought them, right?”
Grace said a quick prayer of thanksgiving that something told her to pack these items. She said, “Look in my suitcase. They’re in there.”
“Thanks, Mom. Tell Brad I’ll be there in a minute.”
“Mom, I can’t find my socks, you know, the socks with the Spur’s logo. Didn’t you bring them?” hollered Matt.
“They’re in the backpack with all the other socks. Don’t make a mess, Matthew!” said Grace.
“I won’t, Mom. Thanks for packing everything,” said Matt.
“You’re welcome, now hurry on. I can see Brad is waiting for you.”
Grace walked to the door to call to Brad. She opened the door, and stared toward the lake. The deer were gone, in their place was Jane by lake doing yoga in a fringe bikini. What is she trying to do? Grace felt a sudden flow of anger surge through her body.
“Excuse me, Mom,” said Matt bounding past her hitting the cabin door with his outstretched hand, and banging the door against the side of the cabin.
“Let’s go, Brad. Want to do four miles?” called Matt racing toward Brad.
Brad had a Cowboys’ t-shirt on and called over to Grace, “We’ll be gone about a half hour. We’ll go for a swim when we get back.”
Grace hollered, “I’ll be ready. We’ll all race to raft. Loser has to buy coffee in town.”
“You’re on,” said Brad as he waved and he Matt started off on their run.
Grace waited and minute and watched Jane’s eyes follow Brad up the trail. Grace decided to walk down to the lake.
When she was within speaking distance, she said, “Good morning, Jane. Isn’t it a little cool for the outfit?”
Jane was lying on a yoga mat pulling on a yoga strap and stretching her hamstring. “I must be going through the change. I feel so hot. I heard you and Matt making a bet. I’ll be finished stretching in a few minutes. I’ll join the competition if you don’t mind.”
Grace didn’t stop to think before she said, “I don’t mind competition.”

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