Chapter 6 ~ A Invitation to Run

Love to Run: A Story of Two Sisters

Chapter 6 ~ An Invitation to Run

Lisa was lying on her bed scrolling through social media apps when a text message popped up on the screen. For a brief second, she thought it was Nicole. Her heart sunk about six feet when it wasn’t Nicole, it was Mia Hale. Mia was one of the X-Country team’s co-captains. The other co-captain was Leah Landau. They were both seniors and Lisa thought they were really, really, fast. They were not nearly as fast Nicole, but they were really, really, fast. Lisa touched the text and watched it open.

Hi. Coach Kappa thinks we should run together tomorrow. You up for a ten miler? Meet you at the high school at 8. We’ll run out to Twine’s Pond, cut over to Paley’s Farm then back to the high school. You in?

Lisa texted back, Sure.

A moment later, “We’ll run together. I want to see what you can do. Coach Kappa thinks you have a chance to make varsity.

Lisa felt her heart race. Mia Hale placed fourth in last year’s state tournament. The big race where Nicole won and clinched her full scholarship to the university. The three girls led the cross-country team to their fourth state cross country title in a row. Now she was going to really push me, thought Lisa. Lisa texted back, C U at 8. ~ Lisa Her stomach hurt.

She was sure Mia was going to enjoy pushing her hard and showing her who was boss
Lisa thought Mia probably invited the whole cross country team to go on the run, she hardly knew Mia. She’d seen Mia run last year when Nicole led the team. She looked at the time, it was 9 p.m. Lisa turned off the light, rolled on her side, and closed her eyes. She rolled on her left side. It didn’t work. She rolled to right side. It didn’t work. She tried sleeping on her back, putting a pillow over her head, and pulling the blankets up over the pillow on her head. Nothing worked. She was still wide awake. She’d never sleep. At 10:46 p.m. She heard a text come in. Lisa reached for her cell.

You awake Lisa?

It was Nicole.

Yes, What’s up? Lisa texted back.

She watched the little bubble, she knew Nicole was texting.

Had my first run with the team. They’re good. I mean really good.

Lisa texted back.

Bet U were at the head of the pack.

Nicole texted.

Coach told us to take turns leading. We ran eight miles lapping around the entire athletic complex. I led the team for the seventh mile. Then we went to the stadium and ran up the stairs until we all thought we were going to collapse. Coach told us after, today was an easy workout, then she laughed. U run 2day?

Lisa thought for a second about how she was going to answer. She didn’t want to tell Nicole she thought of quitting running before she saw Coach Kappa. And, she didn’t want to tell her Coach Kappa showed her the text she sent. And, most of all, she didn’t want to tell Nicole, Coach Kappa saw her dogging it. She simply texted:

I did our 6 mile loop. On the river trail, over the Lawson Street bridge, and looped the athletic fields at the high school, before I headed home. It’s not the same running w/o U.

Lisa saw the bubbles again.

I bet it wasn’t the same. U were probably faster. LOL.

Lisa smiled and sent her a text.

Mia Hale texted me. She wants me to run with her 2morrow. Said I would.

Lisa waited. No bubbles. Five minutes, ten minutes. Nothing. She guessed Nicole was busy with her friends. Then she heard the incoming text tone.

Sorry Lisa. The team captain, Allison, came by & told me I ran well today. Mia’s a good person. You’ll like her. g2g

Lisa lied in bed trying to imagine Nicole running around the university athletic fields taking turns leading the runners. No matter how hard Nicole said it was, she knew Nicole would probably be the best by the end of the season. She was always the best at whatever she did. Lisa fell to sleep seeing Nicole run in her mind.

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