Something To Think About

How badly do you want something now that seems just beyond your grasp?

Do you feel the harder you try, the more illusive it seems? There were similar times in your life when you didn’t quit going after whatever it was you wanted. Can you recall a time where you didn’t quit and you eventually achieved your goal or acquired what it was you desired? Recall your story. Perhaps you may want to share it here to inspire others.

Use the courage and determination already within you to continue your quest. Never quit.


  1. I once aspired to learn playing keyboard by myself. It went pretty well until I hit a wall where I seemingly couldn’t progress. My mistake was aiming for perfection and not being satisfied with anything less, which lead to constant frustration. Only when I relaxed the perfection requirement and was happy with less than perfect as well did I make progress again.

    Back then I didn’t think about how much time I was putting in or if it ever would lead to my goal. I played because I wanted to play. I think if you are fixed on a goal but only the goal is desirable and not the way to get there it’s hard to get there. One example for me is exercise, I know running would be most effective for loosing weight, but I don’t like to run so I do walking instead. Better to do less but constantly than to one day do a lot and the next day do nothing because you’re blocked by remembering how hard it was to do a lot.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment – what great advice for readers. A trusted mentor once told me, “Ray, quit trying to be perfect. If you want perfection, watch a sunset or sunrise or spend more time in nature.” His advice helped change my life. Have a great day. Ray

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