“Someone Like You” Poem by James Foley

“Some one like you makes the heart seem the lighter,
Some one like you makes the day’s work worth while,
Some one like you makes the sun shine the brighter,
Some one like you makes a sigh half a smile.”

Excerpt From
Some One Like You
James W. Foley


  1. Hello! Today, I went to look up a poem entitled ” Someone Like You, ” by James Foley, and your page came up. I thought I had become misdirected for a moment, but then I was intrigued by the beautiful sailboat picture (my husband sails) at the top as well as the heading “It’s a great day to be alive.” I was just wondering who you are, and what the idea behind this site was. (I follow Dr. Greger, so was very excited to see you include excellent articles from his website, and I also was interested to see you had a section on “mental health,” a topic of great interest to me. Lastly, I think we are fellow “paisans” which always piques my interest.)

    TMI, probably, but just thought I’d try to find out more about you and your “mission.” Thank you.

    1. Hi Christine, Thanks for the comment and interest in my website. Yes, I am a fellow paisan (Calabrese). My grandparents immigrated from Calabria and I grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Massachusetts. I’m a former Ohio State University professor. My research and work was directed toward helping people and their organizations/communities discover the inherent good in themselves. I started the blog on the encouragement of a daughter after the death of my wife. Initially, I wanted to help others who experienced the deep suffering I was experiencing. Since then, the website (and my life) evolved to its current place, to inspire, encourage, and give a bit of laughter to readers. Have a great day. Ray

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