Something to Think About

“I’ve never tried to block out the memories of the past, even though some are painful. I don’t understand people who hide from their past. Everything you live through helps to make you the person you are now.” ~ Sophia Loren


Our experiences and how we react to them shape who we are and what we are becoming. We’ve all have had painful experiences that left scars. We’ve all had wonderful experiences filled with joy, love, and happiness that lifted us up.

One of my personal tenets is, if I love myself, I will love all my experiences because I am who I am because of what I experienced.  To me, it simply means I’ve taken the painful times and made something good come from them. I’ve taken the good experiences to strengthen me and build confidence to go on.

A few questions for self reflection:

How do I feel about yourself?

How have I transformed the negative experiences in my life and made something good from them?

How have my good experiences built me up and given me  the confidence to face the toughest challenges?


Author: Ray Calabrese

I am an optimistic, can do, and never quit guy. The spirit of hope indelibly marks my DNA. My research at The Ohio State University helped people discover the best in themselves and change their personal lives, public organizations, and whole communities. I bring the same spirit and enthusiasm to my blog to help those who grieve who find themselves suddenly alone, navigate their grieving. Join my more than 24,300Twitter (@alwaysgoodstuff). I promise my tweets are always good stuff. Please feel free to email me at

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