Something to Think About

Don’t allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not.

Paulo Coelho


Each of us has experienced pain, hurt, betrayal, and moments of intense suffering. It’s part of the price of living.

What we become as the result of those moments changes us. Someone said, “These times can make us bitter or better.”

How have you become stronger, wiser, and more loving as a result of your painful experiences?

The work of becoming better is not easy, it is essential if we are to heal and grow and fulfill our destiny.



  1. I’m in that very process right now, rehabilitating after a time of depression and feelings of hopelessness and shame. I let painful memories define me and hold me back for a very long time. Now I see the future with more optimism and am in the process of daring to have big dreams again. I once dreamed of developing something which really has an impact in its area, and now I have turned that dream into a concrete project idea. There’s much to learn and maybe it’s not possible at all, but just having the idea gives me a reason to focus on a new area of expertise, which helps with motivation.

    My pain kind of made me accept me who I am more than I ever did before in my life, because it took me through a time where I was someone else and showed me who I don’t want to be.

    1. Thank for your sharing your story. Yours is a story of courage that will inspire readers. I am humbled to read it. In sharing your story, you let others know they are not alone in their dark night and transforming the darkness into light is possible. God bless you on your journey. Ray

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