Something to Think About

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

—Bob Marley

I’m happy I didn’t see the tough times coming. When life was going well, I thought this is the way it’s supposed to be. Suddently, without warning, a storm hits, and I had no choice but to face the storm, do my best, and endure until the storm spent itself.

My guess is that you can resonate with my experience. Each of us, at different times in our lives, are buffetted by storms with gale winds. Eventually, the storm passes. When we look back over the distance we’ve traveled, we understand Bob Marley’s words,   “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

What was the storm you faced? How did it make you stronger? How did it give you confidence you could handle whatever life throws at you?

Stay Strong. Never Quit. Never Give Up.


Author: Ray Calabrese

I am an optimistic, can do, and never quit guy. The spirit of hope indelibly marks my DNA. My research at The Ohio State University helped people discover the best in themselves and change their personal lives, public organizations, and whole communities. I bring the same spirit and enthusiasm to my blog to help those who grieve who find themselves suddenly alone, navigate their grieving. Join my more than 24,300Twitter (@alwaysgoodstuff). I promise my tweets are always good stuff. Please feel free to email me at

2 thoughts on “Something to Think About”

  1. I went through a depression last year and part of this year (the depression is over) and suffered from another serious illness for much of the years before, and it made me stronger in so far as it gave me a reference point concerning what I can go through. Now when I think something is too hard or I can’t take something, I think: “I’ve been through worse. I’ve been down so much I didn’t want to live anymore. This is not worse than that, and doing this is not worse than beating that. I can go through this. I can do this.”

    Not to say I don’t have bad days or doubts, I do. But they don’t weigh on me like they used to. I regret some of the things I did during those years, but it’s not something I can change. I can change what I do now, and that’s what I focus on. I’m not sure I would have that confidence, or that focus, without those years.

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