Tip 1 of 7 Fiction Writing Tips by William Faulkner

Take what you need from other writers.

I think the writer, as I’ve said before, is completely amoral. He takes whatever he needs, wherever he needs, and he does that openly and honestly because he himself hopes that what he does will be good enough so that after him people will take from him, and they are welcome to take from him, as he feels that he would be welcome by the best of his predecessors to take what they had done.

Source: Open Culture


  1. its really helpful, keep up the good work.
    I have began to write a blog, it is a short story. if you could come by and give your opinion on it, it will be much valubale for me

    1. Thank you for your comment. A book that really helped me is Ray Bradbury’s “Zen of Writing.” I’ve read it cover to cover four times. Have a great day. Ray

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