Grieving: You Don’t Know Until You Know

I wrote Dancing Alone: Learning to Live Again in real time to help me understand what I was feeling and to help others who grieve along with me. Grieving hurts, but it won’t have the last word. Here is an excerpt:

“Before my world turned upside down, Babe and I shared dreams over morning coffee. We were spontaneous; we’d take off on a moment’s notice from our home in San Antonio, Texas, and take a day trip to the hill country or to Austin, or head to Vegas or the Rockies. We turned life into a continuous adventure. We filled each moment with love—a deep, abiding love. Each moment together was a love song we thought would never end. Then, without warning, our world spun out of control. Our happy, joyful, adventurous world turned chaotic.

A riptide caught hold of us and swept us far from shore. Any reluctance I had to enter this world vanished because the riptide took hold of Babe and carried her far away from me. . . . I quickly learned you don’t know until you know. I did not know I would soon become a grieving man. Only when it happened did I know.”

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Excerpt From Dancing Alone: Learning to Live Again by Ray Calabrese

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