The Kingdom of Man ~ John Kendrick Bangs

What of the outer drear,

As long as there’s inner light;

As long as the sun of cheer

Shines ardently bright?

As long as the soul’s a-wing,

As long as the heart is true,

What power hath trouble to bring

A sorrow to you?

No bar can encage the soul,

Nor capture the spirit free,

As long as old earth shall roll,

Or hours shall be.

Our world is the world within,

Our life is the thought we take,

And never an outer sin

Can mar it or break.

Brood not on the rich man’s land,

Sigh not for miser’s gold,

Holding in reach of your hand

The treasure untold

That lies in the Mines of Heart,

That rests in the soul alone—

Bid worry and care depart,

Come into your own!

John Kendrick Bangs

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