Longevity Tip

Looking for the fountain of youth? Increasingly, experts are telling us that it’s all about lifestyle, the choices you make, and, especially, staying active by engaging in regular physical exercise in your sixties, seventies, eighties, and beyond. . . . Regular exercise may prevent or delay serious health problems . . . It can boost energy and mood, reduce arthritis pain, and help you get a good night’s sleep. And . . . exercise can help you maintain the physical health to continue living independently. ~ Carol Weeg


Wellness Tip

“Diet is an equal-opportunity killer. People — independent of age, gender, country of residence and socioeconomic status — to some extent are affected by poor dietary habits,” says study co-author Dr. Ashkan Afshin, an assistant professor of health metrics sciences at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. “Low intake of healthy foods and high intake of unhealthy foods is the leading cause of mortality, globally and in many countries.” Jamie Ducharme

Time Magazine

Vinnie Returns in 6 Days

“Rupert, I got hold of Ray’s laptop. Do you know his password?” asks Vinnie.

Vinnie speaks in his falsetto voice for Rupert, “He’s not too bright, try 1, 2, 3, 4,” says Rupert.

“Perfect, Rupert. I’m in. I’m typing, Vinnie Returns Tomorrow.”

“Vinnie, what are doing with using my laptop!” I ask.

“Uh, I was helping you, Ray. I’m typing, Vinnie Returns in 6 Days,” says Vinnie deleting his previous entry.

I’ve got to change my password. Hmm, how about 4 3 2 1. LOL.

Man, Bird, & God ~ Robert Browning

I go to prove my soul!
  I see my way as birds their trackless way.
  I shall arrive! what time, what circuit first,
  I ask not: but unless God send his hail
  Or blinding fireballs, sleet or stifling snow,
  In some time, his good time, I shall arrive:
  He guides me and the bird. In his good time!

Robert Browning