Longevity Tip ~ Relationships


Stress and relationships are a major driver of real age. Major stressors can add six years to your real age, but handling stress well and having a strong support system can help reduce your age by five years. The most important social factors for your real age including: Having someone you can talk to about private matters or for help. Having a strong relationship with your spouse or partner. Participating in group activities, such as religious services or social groups


Wellness Tip ~ Relaxing

Ease anxiety with a Tibetan sky-gazing meditation.
Look out the window (or look upward), relax your whole body, and let your gaze expand into the spaciousness of the sky, says Dean Sluyter, author Natural Meditation: A Guide To Effortless Meditative Practice. Repeat the ahhh sound silently—it’s the most open sound you can make, and it amplifies the feeling. Let your attention go, and sit for a few minutes.


Vinnie says, “I Got to be Me.”


Vinnie’s mom recalls a college child psychology class where the professor said that talking to a child’s favorite doll or stuffed animal and allowing the child to speak through the doll or stuffed animal is an excellent technique. She decides to try it. Vinnie’s mom touches Rupert on his shoulder, “Rupert, did Vinnie talk to you about his day at school today?” 

Vinnie shakes Rupert and using his falsetto voice says, “Un huh.”

“What did Vinnie tell you about his school day, Rupert?”

“Vinnie said the best part of the day was when he told the class all about our trip to the Grand Canyon. The class loved his story. He didn’t get a chance to finish because mean Mrs. Navis stopped him.”

“Oh, she stopped him? Did he tell you why she stopped him?”

“The class was laughing so hard, Mrs. Navis told him to stop.”

“Did he stop telling the story, Rupert?”

“Once he got back to his seat he stopped.”

“Do you mean, Vinnie kept telling the story as he walked to his seat?”

“Mrs. Navis didn’t really tell him to stop. She said, ‘Vincent, return to your seat.’

“Oh, dear. Let me guess, Rupert, Vinnie didn’t walk straight back to his seat.”

“How did you know, Mom? Did Mrs. Navis tell you he didn’t go straight back to his seat, because she didn’t say, ‘Go straight to your seat.’

“What did Vinnie do, Rupert?”

“He walked around the room. He never really went to his seat.”

“He never went to his seat?”

“No, Mrs. Navis sent him to the office for second time.”

“Oh, dear God. What happened.”

“Mrs. Nokowski gave him a lollipop, asked him to sharpen some pencils and then sent him back to class. He didn’t get in trouble.”

“Did Vinnie tell you the story of our trip to the Grand Canyon? Can you tell me?” asks Vinnie’s mom.

“Sure, Mom. You know how you and Dad always want Vinnie to be creative?”

“He didn’t tell the story like it really happened, did he Rupert?”

“One of the best parts of his story, Mom, was when we stopped at a cattle ranch and Dad stepped in cow manure and smelled the car the rest of the way. He told the class you made him eat scorpions because he was being too loud.”


“Yes, Mom.”

“You didn’t.”

“Didn’t what, Mom? I wasn’t listening because this is private between you and Rupert. Rupert will tell me later what you talked about.”

“Vincent, how many times did you get sent to the office today?”

“Before or after lunch, Mom? I’m tired of talking, Mom. Can I work on my science project?”

“Vincent, Mrs. Navis is worried about what you are going to do for your science project. She wants you to keep it simple.”

“I can’t, Mom. I got to be me,” says Vinnie. “Can I be me, Mom. I don’t know how to be anybody else.”

“Go work on your project, we’ll talk about it at dinner tonight. Maybe, Dad has some ideas. I’m going into the yard, I need some fresh air.”

“Good idea, Mom,” says Vinnie. 

Vinnie watches his mom go into the backyard. He glances at Dexter who glances up at him. “Fridge. Fridge. Fridge,” says Vinnie. 

Dexter needs no further invitation, his beagle intellect takes over. Dexter races into the kitchen and skids to a stop in front of the refrigerator doing a perfect slide on his haunches. He looks back over his shoulder for Vinnie and barks.

Joy ~ Buddha

Let us live in joy, not hating those who hate us. 
Among those who hate us, we live free of hate. 
Let us live in joy, 
free from disease among those who are diseased. 
Among those who are diseased, let us live free of disease. 
Let us live in joy, free from greed among the greedy. 
Among those who are greedy, we live free of greed. 
Let us live in joy, though we possess nothing. 
Let us live feeding on joy, like the bright gods.

My Name Is Trouble ~ Grantland Rice

My name is Trouble—I’m a busy bloke—

    I am the test of Courage—and of Class—

  I bind the coward to a bitter yoke,

    I drive the craven from the crowning pass;

  Weaklings I crush before they come to fame;

    But as the red star guides across the night,

  I train the stalwart for a better game;

    I drive the brave into a harder fight.

  My name is Hard Luck—the wrecker of rare dreams—

    I follow all who seek the open fray;

  I am the shadow where the far light gleams

    For those who seek to know the open way;

  Quitters I break before they reach the crest,

    But where the red field echoes with the drums,

  I build the fighter for the final test

    And mold the brave for any drive that comes.

  My name is Sorrow—I shall come to all

    To block the surfeit of an endless joy;

  Along the Sable Road I pay my call

    Before the sweetness of success can cloy;

  And weaker souls shall weep amid the throng

    And fall before me, broken and dismayed;

  But braver hearts shall know that I belong

    And take me in, serene and unafraid.

I show the way, at last, beyond the foe,

    To where the scarlet flames of triumph burn.

Grantland Rice