Vinnie Thinks He Might Be Famous LOL


“Dear, he’s been in his room for thirty minutes and not one sound. I don’t like it. It’s not like him,” says Vinnie’s mom to Vinnie’s dad.

Vinnie’s dad looks up from his ever present laptop sitting on his lap. He mutes the ball game on television. He claims multi-tasking helps him concentrate. He says, “Vinnie’s being creative. We don’t want to interrupt him. Think of it this way, we’ve had thirty minutes of peace. How often does that happen?”

“True, but …”

Vinnie’s bedroom door opens. Vinnie steps out. “Mom, Dad, I know what my science project is going to be. Rupert and Dexter helped me to carry out my experiment. It worked. I might be famous when I win the science fair.”

Vinnie’s mom covers her mouth with her right hand and whispers, “Brace yourself, this will not be pretty. Try to keep a lid on it, you remember our last meeting with the child psychologist when he told us to be calm and try to see the good in everything Vinnie tries.”

“Un huh,” nods Vinnie’s dad turning his head toward the ball game.

“Before I come into the living room, cover your eyes, it’s part of my experiment. It worked with Rupert, now I want to see if it will work with adults,” says Vinnie.

Vinnie’s mom touches Vinnie’s dad’s forearm, “It’s worse than I thought.”

“What do you mean? whispers Vinnie’s dad.

“Just wait, words can’t convey the true meaning,” says Vinnie’s mom.

“Are you ready?” calls Vinnie.

“Yes, Vinnie,” says his mom.

Vinnie walks down the hallway toward the living room. He cradles Rupert in his right arm against his side. Dexter follows hoping wherever Vinnie is going it leads to more food. Vinnie, Rupert and Dexter stop in front of Vinnie’s mom and dad.

“Okay, open your eyes,” says Vinnie.

“My God, what have you done?” says Vinnie’s mom.

“What did he do? I don’t see anything,” says Vinnie’s dad.

“Open your eyes, Dear. Look,” says Vinnie’s mom.

“Look, where? I don’t get it,” says Vinnie’s dad.

Vinnie interrupts, “Can you see Dexter? If you can’t, he’s camouflaged. My science project is to make dogs invisible so you can take them to school.”

Vinnie’s mom takes hold of Vinnie’s dad’s arm and points at Dexter, “All his black spots are gone, they’re blonde. What did you do Vinnie?”

“I bleached them, Mom. You don’t mind if part of my rug is bleached, do you?”

Vinnie’s mom hurries to Dexter and kneels down besides him. She carefully moves the bleached hair back to see if Vinnie hurt Dexter’s skin.

“No need to worry, Mom. I used a whole box of cue tips. I only touched the outside hairs on Dexter. He liked it. I gave him lots of treats to sit still.”

Vinnie’s mom looks up at Dexter, “Where are the cue tips you used? And, what did you feed Dexter?”

“I dropped the cue tips on the rug, Mom. I’ll pick them up later. You know the sliced turkey you bought at the store for Dad’s lunches? It’s all gone.”

“Vinnie, the cue tips had bleach on them. They’ll make spots on your rug. The turkeys was six dollars a pound.”

“You could tell it was really good. Dexter loved it. I think the spots will be cool, Mom. None of my friends will have a spotted rug,” says Vinnie.

“Well, Dear. Are you going to say anything?” Vinnie’s mom looks at Vinnie’s dad.

“The Spurs are beating the Bulls, one-hundred one to nine-eight with a minute and five seconds left in the game,” says Vinnie’s dad.

“Mother of God what am I going to do with these two.”

Vinnie answers for the Mary, “Let me stay up late because I’ll have a great science project? Did she say that, Mom?”

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