Longevity Tip ~ All You Need Is Love

The Beatles weren’t the only ones who thought, “All you need is love.” A 108-year-old in Ohio who fostered about 50 children has a similarly heartwarming message. . . . Arlena Labon recently celebrated her 108th birthday and shared the mantra she’s lived by her whole life. “Just love one another, baby. Treat one another good. Cause I love everybody and will help everybody that I can. So that’s what we have to do.”Labon has spread that love over the years by fostering about 50 children. She never had biological children, but dedicated her time to offering the foster kids happy lives. She also made sure they received an education. “I gave them what I didn’t get, I was a dropout, but I thank the Lord I’m doing all right.” Keep spreading the love, Arlena.


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