“I’ll Eat Mom, But Do I Have to Like It?” LOL

Vinnie’s dad is in to the conversation between Vinnie’s mom and Rupert. He says, “While you’re making Rupert a tofu hot dog, will you make me two of them if I promise to eat my vegetarian chili?”

Vinnie’s mom rolls her eyes, takes a deep breath, and says, “I really need to go to the spa. There is too much male energy in this house.”

“That’s good, right, Mom? Do you want me to read my paragraph before you go to the spa or when you come home? If you go to the spa can Dad and me order pizza?” asks Vinnie.

“It was only a matter of speech, Vinnie. I am not going to the spa. We are going to eat my vegetarian chili and you and Dad are going to like it. Please read your paragraph,” says Vinnie’s mom.

“I’ll eat it, Mom. But, do I have to like it?” asks Vinnie.

“Does it ever end? Does it ever end?” asks Vinnie’s mom not expecting an answer.

But, she gets one, “Apparently not, Dear.”

Vinnie’s mom and dad turn and look at him. Together they say, “Rupert read the paragraph.”

Vinnie extends his arms so that he is holding Rupert out beyond his notebook. Vinnie has the notebook open. A salt shaker holds down one side of the notebook. The pepper shaker holds down the other side of the notebook. 

Rupert begins reading. The country of Nadir is having an election for it’s first president. Before, the country was ruled by an evil queen, Mrs. Mapis, who cut of the heads of the smart kids. The smartest kid, Vinnie, this is another Vinnie, not me, drove the evil queen  into the barbecue pit and roasted her until she was burned to a crisp.

“Stop, Vincent. You promised you were not writing about Mrs. Navis,” says Vinnie’s mom.

“I’m, Mom. I’m talking about Mrs. Mapis.”

Vinnie’s mom turns to Vinnie’s dad, “Well, say something.”

“It think I can catch the final five minutes of the game.”


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