Longevity Tip: 2 of 5 Tips To Go Beyond 90

Tip 2: Keep Your BMI Between 19 and 25

Not quite sure what your body mass index (BMI) is?  Here is the link to find out. If you are like most people . . . The natural inclination is to say the BMI system is wrong, bogus, or a terrible measure of health. Despite the limitations, BMI is a proven predictor of longevity within a population of people.  And when it comes to living a long life, studies show that the BMI sweet spot seems to be 20 to 25. Even if you have battled weight all your life, it is easy for most people to maintain a BMI below 25. In fact, after working with thousands of patients, you only need to remember three things when it comes to optimizing your weight – No sugar, no flour, and nothing after 7 PM.


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