Health Hack: Are You Getting Enough B-12?

Did You Know if You’re Over 50 You Could Be at Risk for Not Having Enough B-12?

If you’re not getting enough from your diet (or you don’t eat animal foods), most experts recommend turning to a B12 supplement, since a deficiency (while rare) can be serious. Symptoms of a chronic, severe B12 deficiency can include serious side effects such as neurological damage, memory loss, and depression. If B12 deficiency progresses, it may lead to neurological disturbances, difficulty balancing, dementia, confusion, and irreversible neurological damage in severe cases.

Important vitamin B12 benefits

  1. It could help with your mood and mental health. 
  2. It can improve cognitive performance. 
  3. It can improve energy levels. 
  4. It supports healthy fetal development.


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