Stress Hack: Run Away From Stress

“When you exercise, your brain and nervous system produce more endorphins, which are essentially natural antidepressants— neurotransmitters that make you feel good. Even better, any form of exercise can create this effect, so it doesn’t matter whether you lift weights, jog on the treadmill, or play pickup basketball. As long as you break a sweat, you’ll get this high. There are two other ways that exercise help you squash stress. First, according to the Mayo Clinic, focusing on the tasks associated with training or playing a sport will help you forget about your problems and leave you with a greater sense of calm and clarity. Second, working out relaxes you and boosts your chances of a good night’s sleep, which is another key to fighting stress, anxiety, and depression.”

Source: Muscle and Fitness: Mar2019, Vol. 80 Issue 3, p94-100.

Grammar Tip: Do You Have a Clear Conscious or Conscience? Find Out

Conscious, Conscience

  • conscious= adjective meaning awake, perceiving: Despite a head injury, the patient remained conscious.
  • conscience = noun meaning the sense of obligation to be good: Chris wouldn’t cheat because his conscience wouldn’t let him.


Longevity Tip: Who Says You’re Too Old

Louisiana native Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins, 103, will shock you with her athletic ability. “At 100, I started running. I thought it would be neat to run at 100 and do the 100-yard dash in less than a minute!” Hawkins said. She ran the 100-meter dash at the National Senior Games in 46.07 seconds, winning the gold medal. Her story is gaining so much national attention that everyone wants a picture with the gold medalist. “I hope I’m inspiring them to be healthy and realize you can still be doing it at this kind of an age if you keep yourself busy and active through your life,” Hawkins said.


Health Hack: Bee Kind

“People who eat honey are more likely to eat a healthy diet and are less likely to be overweight or have high cholesterol or diabetes, according to a survey of 13,000 American adults. Those who regularly eat honey are more likely to keeps tabs on their intake of calories, sugar, sodium, and gluten, while striving to eat plenty of fiber and protein. In short, they’re healthy eaters. Honey contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that make it more nutritious and easier to digest than sugar.”

Source: Better Nutrition (Jun2019, Vol. 81 Issue 6, p10-10. 2/7p. 1)

Wisdom ~ Sara Teasdale


Sara Teasdale

It was a night of early spring,The winter-sleep was scarcely broken;Around us shadows and the windListened for what was never spoken.
Though half a score of years are gone,Spring comes as sharply now as then—But if we had it all to doIt would be done the same again.
It was a spring that never came;But we have lived enough to knowThat what we never have, remains;It is the things we have that go.