Health Hack: Simplify Eating for Good Health

Did You Know You Can Give Your Health a Boost by Choosing The Right Foods?

Eat your antioxidants

While a healthy diet does wonders for your entire body, fruits and veggies that contain antioxidants like vitamins B and E are particularly great for skin. “Antioxidants help protect skin against free radicals in the environment, which are damaging to skin cells,” . . . “They work to prevent free radicals from breaking down the skin’s elastin and collagen, resulting in more youthful, healthier skin.” For vitamins B6 and B12 fill your plate with fish and poultry. Vegetarians can get vitamin B6 through chickpeas which contain 55% of your DV in just one cup. And wheat germ oil (100% DV), sunflower seeds (37% DV), and almonds (34% DV) are all terrific sources of vitamin E. 


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