Stress Hack: #1 of 4 Tips to Reduce Stress

Use Common Sense
As in the five senses. One thing I really like to do when triggered in public is try to locate a nearby bakery and go inside to get outside of my head. The aromas of baked goods are incredibly comforting and trigger hunger so my focus gets redirected to something pleasant. Another trick is to head into any nearby Crate & Barrel. I love furniture browsing and Crate & Barrel is a browser’s paradise. I could spend hours in one. Sure, I walk out of there with mild depression over all the furnishings I can’t afford to buy and arrange in my perfectly appointed home that I don’t have, but at least I feel calmer. Music is another good distraction technique and there’s ample evidence indicating listening to music has a calming effect on both mind and body. So if I have my headphones handy, I plug them in and sail away to those Islands in the Stream.


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