Is Vinnie Punking His Mom or Is It For Real?


Vinnie’s sitting at the breakfast bar mixing his yogurt into Cheerios. When he’s satisfied with the mix, he opens a small box of raisons. He empties the box of raisons on the counter. He picks up two raisons and places them in the yogurt cereal mix. He picks up five raisons and makes a straight line in center between the first two raisons. He takes the rest of the raisons and begins construction an inverted semi circle under the straight line.  

Vinnie’s mom, working on her third cup of coffee, stands on the opposite side of the breakfast bar. She tries to calm herself. After a moment, she says, “Vincent, what are you doing?”

Vinnie looks up at his mom and says, “Eating breakfast, Mom. Why?”

“You know very well what I am talking about. Who’s face are you making in your cereal?”

Vinnie digs his spoon into the yogurt covered cereal and scoops out a hunk with one of the raison eyes on top. He stuffs it into his mouth. He points toward his mouth with index finger trying to tell his mom he can’t speak with his mouth full. 

Vinnie’s mom sets her coffee cup down and reaches across the breakfast bar and snags Vinnie’s cereal bowl. She waits for him to swallow. “Now talk. Who’s face did you make in the cereal?”

“Was it the nose or the teeth that gave it away, Mom?” Vinnie says innocently.


“Sorry, Mom. Can I finish eating Mrs. Mavis’s eyes and mouth?”

Vinnie’s mom slides the cereal bowl across the breakfast bar. “Promise me, you will not embarrass Dad or me when you give your speech.”

“Promise, Mom. I’m going to do great. I went on YouTube and looked up great speeches.”

“That’s smart, Vinnie. What did you learn? Did anything stand out to you?” asks Vinnie’s mom suddenly feeling at peace on how it is going to turn out.

“I got to brush my teeth before I leave, Mom. But I watched a short video of Dr. King making a speech.”

“Was it his I Have Dream speech, Vinnie? I am so proud of you. How did he help you?”

“Yah, Mom. I’m not going to use exactly what Doctor King said. I’m going to change it a little.”

“I remember studying Dr. King’s speech in high school. You are already way ahead of me. Tell me what you are going to say,” says Vinnie’s mom.

Vinnie says, “I’m going to say, ‘I have a dream Mrs. Mavis quit teaching and we got a better teacher.” Vinnie starts running toward the bathroom.

“Oh my God. Vincent, stop. Now.”

Vinnie turns around, “Punked yah, Mom. Ha ha.”

Vinnie’s mom iWatch sounds an alarm, he heart rate accelerated to abnormally high levels. ‘Oh dear God, what if Vinnie isn’t punking me? I’ll be a nervous wreck all day.’ 

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