Health Hack: Fruits & Veggies Your Go To Choice

Did You Know Fruits & Veggies May Help Fight Cancer and Heart Disease?

Skimping on fruit and vegetables is becoming a worldwide issue, according to preliminary findings of a Tufts University study. . . . The study found that insufficient fruit and veggie consumption may be linked to millions of deaths from heart disease and strokes each year. Fruits contain fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals, and they get their sweetness from natural sugar. Fruit can help lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent certain types of cancer, among other benefits . . . Vegetables are low in calories and fat, high in fiber and cholesterol-free. They provide a variety of essential nutrients, including vitamins A and C, potassium, fiber and folate. In addition to their nutritional value, non-starchy vegetables like spinach, arugula and other leafy greens promote weight loss,


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