Longevity Hack: #5 of 5 Anti-Aging Secrets

Having great decision–making skills – without caring what others think – pays dividends.

As a social species, we’re also powerfully invested in others’ perceptions and judgments of us and the decisions we make. Many of us are hampered to make even the most trivial decisions – say, choosing a restaurant for a social gathering or buying a new shirt – because of a fear of what others might think. But that type of worry isn’t helping you.

Instead, try being more committed to the decisions that make you happy than the ones that are “right.” Imagine the freedom you’d feel if you unapologetically decide to wear the outfit to the gym that makes you feel most comfortable, regardless of its fashion rating, or to spend time with the people that make you feel most comfortable, regardless of their popularity. The words showered upon preschoolers are just as true, and certainly more difficult, for mature folks to follow: Be true to yourself. As our Italian friends show us, your life won’t only be happier, but also healthier and longer, for it. 


The Instinct of Hope ~ John Clare

The Instinct of Hope 

John Clare

 Is there another world for this frail dust
To warm with life and be itself again?
Something about me daily speaks there must,
And why should instinct nourish hopes in vain?
‘Tis nature’s prophesy that such will be,
And everything seems struggling to explain
The close sealed volume of its mystery.
Time wandering onward keeps its usual pace
As seeming anxious of eternity,
To meet that calm and find a resting place.
E’en the small violet feels a future power
And waits each year renewing blooms to bring,
And surely man is no inferior flower
To die unworthy of a second spring?