Vinnie’s Got It All Figured Out – What Could Go Wrong?


Joey, Larry, Vinnie, Rupert, and Dexter are in Vinnie’s room. Vinnie tip toes to the bedroom door, he opens it. His mom is pretending to dust a photo mounted on the wall near Vinnie’s room. 

Vinnie says, “Mom, you’re not supposed to listen to us. It’s top secret.”

Vinnie’s mom feels herself turning red. She pretends to wipe her brow with her hand. The problem being she wiped her brow with the dust rag and it causes her sneeze.”

“Bless you, Mom. Can you go practice your yoga or watch the food channel, make a smoothie or go shopping with Aunt Jo,” says Vinnie politely.

“No, I am staying home. You boys need supervision,” says Vinnie’s mom.

“Mom, don’t you want to be rich? We can’t start until we have some space.”

Vinnie’s mom puts her hand to her chin and tilts her head upwards as if she’s thinking about it. 

“Mom, can you make five bagged lunches for us, we’re going to be like Dad and have working lunches today. We got so much to do,” says Vinnie.

Vinnie’s mom thinks this is the cutest thing she’s heard in a long time. Vinnie, Larry, and Joey want a working lunch. She says, “Why five lunches?”

“Mom, what about Rupert and Dexter?” Vinnie turns his head slightly toward the bedroom, “Rupert, what do you want for lunch?”

Vinnie covering his mouth with his hand and using his falsetto voice for Rupert says, “Mom, can you microwave me a frozen pizza or burrito? Dexter wants the same thing.”

Dexter hears his name and barks.

Vinnie’s mom smiles and shakes her head approvingly. “Okay. I’m trusting you boys not to cause any trouble.”

“Not to worry, Mom.

Vinnie’s mom heads into the kitchen, opens her iPad and plays her music app. She sure Vinnie’s summer turned the corner. The only problem left is to tell him about being in Mrs. Mavis’s class in the fall. That can wait, she reasons to herself. 

Meanwhile, in Vinnie’s room, Joey, Larry, and Vinnie huddle around a white poster board that Vinnie placed on the floor. Rupert is between Vinnie and Larry. Dexter is between Vinnie and Joey. 

Vinnie says, “After Mom and Dad thought I was asleep, I got out of bed and figured out where we’ll strike oil. I made a map of exactly where the oil is in my yard.”

Joey says, “How do you know you have oil in your back yard?”

Vinnie’s says, “That was the easiest thing to figure out, Joey. The hardest thing was to figure out the exact spot. Dexter helped me figure that out yesterday afternoon.”

“How was it so easy to figure out?” asks Joey.

Larry says, “I’m starving. Do you think your mom will bring our bag lunches soon?”

Vinnie says, “Larry, you go out and ask my mom if you can help her. While you’re keeping her busy, I’ll tell Joey how I figured everything out. We can fill you in while we eat.”

“Good idea, Vinnie. No wonder you got elected 4th grade class president. You figure things out even our parents can’t figure out.”

“That’s because Rupert helps me. Do you know who your getting in the fall?”

“My mom call the school office. They told her it will come out in the mail a week before school starts,” says Larry opening the bedroom door. “I’ll kick the door with my foot if I need you to open it for me when I come back.”

Vinnie gets up and closes the door behind Larry. He walks back to the poster board sheet and kneels down. He says, “The reason I know there’s oil in my yard. I heard my dad say to my mom, ‘The way taxes are going up, you’d think they figured out I discovered oil in my backyard.”

“That’s awesome,” says Joey who high fives Vinnie.

“All I had to do was figure out where Dad discovered the oil. He’s a lawyer for the mob and he doesn’t have time to drill for it. So, I thought we could do it for him.”

“He’s going to be so happy when we strike oil, Vinnie. We’ll be so rich we can throw a block party and give away free ice cream,” says Joey.

“I was thinking the same thing, Joey. Fist bump,” says Vinnie.

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