Longevity Hack: Faith filled people Have a Longevity Edge

“If you feel better after your daily meditation or prayers, it shouldn’t surprise you to find out that statistics show that the majority of people who live to ages over 100 have a strong faith. In addition to quiet individual spiritual practice they often enjoy participating in their own religious community and attending regular church services.”


Vinnie Thinks He Can Do a Drum Solo


Vinnie, Joey, and Larry are at the playground behind Larry’s house. Vinnie’s swinging on the monkey bars, Joey’s going head first down a tall winding slide, and Larry is climbing up a rope ladder. Vinnie calls out, “I got this great idea about what we can do the rest of the summer.”

Joey, who completed his head first descent down the slide looks up from the sand at the bottom of the slide at Vinnie finishing his way across the monkey bars. Joey says, “What’s wrong with going to the playground every day, sleeping late, and staying up late and doing whatever I want to do?”

Vinnie’s off the monkey bars and races to an eight foot plastic wall with small plastic rocks sticking out. He starts climbing the wall. Vinnie hollers over his shoulder, “My mom won’t let me do whatever I want. I can only sleep until 7 and I have to be in bed by eight-thirty.”

Larry reaches the top of the rope ladder. He’s dangling by one arm and swinging back and forth. Larry hollers, “Me too.” He lets go of the rope and lands on the sand falling to his knees. He looks up at Vinnie, “One day I’ll stick the landing. What’s your idea Vinnie?”

The three boys run over to the swings. Vinnie says, “Let’s see who can let go and fly the farthest.” 

Vinnie, Joey, and Larry pull and pump on the swings. The three appear as three slightly out of sync pendulums going higher and higher. Larry lets go of the swing and makes a howling scream that sounds like a coyote chasing a rabbit. He lands on his feet, tumbles over to his hands and knees. The rules of the game require him to freeze on his landing. 

Joey quickly follows Larry. He screams as he travels through the air, landing a bit behind Larry but rolling over three times in the sand until he his on is back facing the sky. His arms outstretched. 

“No fair,” yells Larry.

“Not to worry, Larry. I’m on it,” says Vinnie. He pumps harder, he pulls back on the swing and rises higher.

“Watch out, Vinnie. You’re going to swing over the top,” calls Joey.

Three-fourths of the way up Vinnie let’s go of the swing. As he sails through the air, he hollers, “No more Mrs. Mavis.”  He lands in front of Joey and sticks the landing.

“How do you stick the landing? Will you show me?” asks Larry.

“Rupert told me the secret. I have to ask him if he’ll let me tell you,” says Vinnie. 

Larry and Joey sit in the sand along side Vinnie. Vinnie says, “Here’s my idea. Let’s start a band.”

Larry says, “I didn’t know you played an instrument.”

Vinnie says, “I don’t, but I was thinking I might like to play drums. I’m pretty sure I could do a drum solo.”

“What kind of stuff will we play? I can play air guitar,” says Joey.

Larry says, “My dad has an old trumpet he used to play in high school. Every once in a while he takes it out to play it. I tried it a couple of times. If we’re all playing instruments, who’s going to sing?”

Vinnie says, “Sara Johnson. I haven’t asked her. She’s really good at soccer so she’s got to be good at singing.”

Joey says, “Yah, and she can run fast, too.”

“We got to have a name for our band,” says Vinnie. “Any ideas? I was thinking we could call ourselves The Mulberries since we all live on Mulberry Street.”

“What about calling us The Chicken Wings, since we all like chicken wings?” asks Joey.

Larry says, “What was Rupert’s idea?”

“Rupert says we could call ourselves the Grizzlies or the Grizzly Bears.”

The boys look at each other and begin chanting, “Grizzlies, Grizzlies, Grizzlies.”

Not To Hurt ~ St. Francis of Assisi

“Ask the beasts and they will teach you the beauty of this earth.” St. Francis of Assisi
Not To Hurt (animals)

St. Francis of Assisi

Not to hurt our humble brethren (the animals) 
Is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. 
We have a higher mission:
To be of service to them whenever they require it.