❤️ Health Hack: Want a Better Brain?

The benefits of your exercise program might just be in your head. Turns out that all the work you do to build a better bicep helps your brain, too. . . .  You can actually build a stronger brain through exercise. These are just a few of the remarkable findings that might motivate you to either recommit to your fitness regimen or get started today.  When you exercise, you . . .

  • Feel better. 
  • Enhance learning. 
  • Sharpen memory. 

  • Improve vision. 

SOURCE: Mayo Clinic


Vinnie Doesn’t Believe Spaghetti Squash Is As Good as Real Spaghetti


“Vinnie, get ready for supper. We’ll be eating in five minutes,” calls Vinnie’s mom from the kitchen.

Vinnie’s mom listens for Vinnie. All she hears is music coming out of her digital assistant. She steps out of the kitchen to look down the hallway toward Vinnie’s room. She raises her voice, “Vinnie, wash your hands. It’s time to eat. I’m counting, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven . . .”

Vinnie’s bedroom door opens, a boy’s arm holding a stuffed grizzly bear squeezes out through the small door crease. Rupert says, “Mom, Vinnie wants you to call Del’s and have them deliver a pepperoni pizza. He’s going to work on the play while he eats.”

Vinnie’s mom places a hand on each hip, “Vincent, don’t make me come to your room. You’ll be in big trouble.”

A moment later, Vinnie comes out of the bedroom and heads toward the bathroom. Dexter hits the brakes when he sees Vinnie turning toward the bathroom. Dexter knows there is no food in the bathroom. He casually heads toward the dinning room and lies down next to Vinnie’s chair, the ideal spot to get food accidentally falling off the table.

Two minutes later, Vinnie walks into the dining room drying his hands on his shirt. 

“Vinnie, how many times have I told you to use the bathroom towel to dry your hands?” says Vinnie’s mom.

Vinnie climbs on his chair. He says, “About two-hundred twenty-six. I might be off one or two.”

Vinnie’s dad pretends he didn’t hear the conversation between Vinnie and his mom. He tries to change the subject. “Vinnie, where’s Rupert? Isn’t Rupert hungry?”

Vinnie’s mom turns her head toward the dining room table. She can’t remember a time when Vinnie did not put Rupert on the table. She has a passing thought, maybe Vinnie’s growing up.

Vinnie looks at his dad, “Dad, Rupert asked me to bring him dinner when we finish if dinner is any good.”

“Dinner is always good,” says Vinnie’s mom from the kitchen.

“I know, Mom,” says Vinnie while he shakes his head no. “Rupert’s busy working on the play. I got to have it ready for tomorrow when Joey, Larry, and Sara come over. Rupert and me are making great parts for everyone.”

Vinnie’s mom carries in a large bowl of food and sets it in the center of the table. She says, “You’ve been working so hard on the play, I made one of your favorites, spaghetti squash.”

Vinnie stares at the bowl. He looks up at his mom. He says, “That’s not spaghetti, Mom. Real spaghetti has lots of sauce and meatballs the way Gramma makes it.”

Vinnie’s mom feels defensive, “It is to real spaghetti. Once you taste it you can’t tell the difference between real spaghetti and spaghetti squash.”

“What’s the rest of the stuff with it, Mom? Is this one of those meals you got off the Internet?”

“It’s good for you, Vincent. Al, tell Vinnie the spaghetti squash is good for him.”

Vinnie’s dad says, “Vinnie, lead us in a blessing. Spaghetti squash is really good for you.”

Vinnie’s mom sits down and the three join hands. Vinnie prays, “Lord, thank you for the food. Help me not to get poisoned or sick. If some falls on the floor, don’t let Dexter die if he eats it. Amen.”

Vinnie’s mom reaches for Vinnie’s plate. She says, “Does every blessing have to be a prayer that you don’t get poisoned?”

“Pretty much, Mom,” says Vinnie.

🔤 Grammar Tip: Will You Attain or Obtain Your Dream Job?

Attain and obtain have the same ending, and they both mean to get something.  Attain is a verb that means to get an achievement. For example, “After a lot of hard work, she attained her dream of being able to speak 7 languages.”

Obtain is also a verb. It means to get possession of something. For example, “The men obtained the tools they needed to cut down the tree.”


Advice for Living ~ William Arthur Ward

Advice for Living

William Arthur Ward

“Before you speak, listen.
Before you write, think.
Before you spend, earn.

Before you invest, investigate.
Before you criticize, wait.
Before you pray, forgive.
Before you quit, try.

Before you retire, save.
Before you die, give.”
William Arthur Ward

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