Health Hack ~ Watch Out for the Holiday Season Weight Gain

That time of year is upon us again—when parties, big family meals, and other holiday get-togethers spell the potential for weight gain. Studies have linked the holiday season (mid-November through December) with weight gain ranging from 1 to 3.5 pounds, on average. . . . We want you to enjoy the holidays, complete with the splurges you may desire. But if you want to have your cake and literally eat it too—and notgain weight—there’s a simple behavioral modification technique that might well help, as a study in Obesity recently re­­ported: Weigh yourself every morning. Regular self-weighing has been shown to help people lose weight and is a hallmark of Weight Watchers. The National Weight Control Registry, which tracks people who have successfully lost and kept weight off, considers it a particularly effective strategy for maintaining long-term weight loss.


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