A Christmas Surprise ~ A short story of Christmas love

A Christmas Surprise is a short story about a down and outer, Eddie Testa, who’s quit on Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve and Eddie can’t wait for Christmas to be over. His A Christmas Surprise Book Coverunemployment check arrives the day after Christmas. Until the check arrives, Eddie has four dollars and fifty cents he found in his change box to buy food. Eddie heads out into a dark, cold, doubly gray sky to buy a slice of pizza for lunch and a loaf of hot French bread for dinner and Christmas day. He knows he’ll make it if he can skip a couple of meals. Eddie’s life takes a series of twists and turns the moment he leaves his small two room apartment 83-year-old Sofia asks Eddie to buy her a can of soup from the discount wagon at the market. She promises to pay Eddie back when her retirement check comes in. Eddie slowly discovers Christmas is all about people and giving and receiving. What Eddie learns changes his life. And, it may change yours as well.

A Christmas Surprise is available as an eBook from Amazon

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