🤗 Feel Good Hack ~ Becoming Resilient

Develop a more positive attitude. Being positive makes you see all of the good things in your life that you may be missing out on because you’re focusing on the negative things. It will also make you more open to more opportunities and possibilities because you’ll be looking at life with a “can do” attitude.[1]

  • It’s true. Being more positive will not only make it easier for you to deal with challenges, but it will help you embrace new ones.
  • If you catch yourself complaining or whining, try countering your negative comment with two positive ones.
  • Though you shouldn’t feel like you’re faking it when you’re acting positive while feeling sad on the inside, you should know that the more you fake it, the more you’ll slowly begin to see the brighter side of life.
  • One way to be more optimistic is to surround yourself with happier people who make you appreciate life more.


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