Today’s Poem ~ Cheer


Robert W. Service

It's a mighty good world, so it is, dear lass,
      When even the worst is said.
     There's a smile and a tear, a sigh and a cheer,
      But better be living than dead;
     A joy and a pain, a loss and a gain;
      There's honey and may be some gall:
     Yet still I declare, foul weather or fair,
      It's a mighty good world after all.

     For look, lass! at night when I break from the fight,
      My Kingdom's awaiting for me;
     There's comfort and rest, and the warmth of your breast,
      And little ones climbing my knee.
     There's fire-light and song — Oh, the world may be wrong!
      Its empires may topple and fall:
     My home is my care — if gladness be there,
      It's a mighty good world after all.

     O heart of pure gold!  I have made you a fold,
      It's sheltered, sun-fondled and warm.
     O little ones, rest!  I have fashioned a nest;
      Sleep on! you are safe from the storm.
     For there's no foe like fear, and there's no friend like cheer,
      And sunshine will flash at our call;
     So crown Love as King, and let us all sing —
      "It's a mighty good world after all."

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