Vinnie’s Mom Asks Vinnie If He Got In Trouble at School – Oh Oh



“Vinnie, your afterschool snack is ready,” calls Vinnie’s mom.

“That’s okay, Mom. Rupert and Dexter and me are busy,” says Vinnie.

This was not altogether true because Dexter heard the work snack and jumped off Vinnie’s bed and walked to the bedroom door waiting for Vinnie.

“Vinnie, come into the kitchen now. I want to hear about your day.”

“Okay, Mom. Be there in a second.” Vinnie holds Rupert up in his two hands and speaks in his falsetto voice for his stuffed grizzly bear, “Are you going to tell Mom everything that happened at school today?”

Vinnie answered, “It depends, buddy. If she got emails from Mrs. Mavis, we’ll probably get stuck in the bedroom until dinner.”

Rupert says, “Oh, oh.”

Vinnie tucks Rupert in his right arm like a football. Dexter follows along with his beagle food instincts on high alert. Vinnie climbs onto the stool at the breakfast bar. He looks down at celery covered with a thin layer of cream cheese.

“Mom, I have a lactose allergy. Can I have a bean and cheese burrito?”

“You do not have a lactose allergy. If you did you couldn’t have bean and cheese burritos or pizza. This is a healthy snack and it won’t ruin the fabulous dinner I’ve planned for the family.”

“Is dinner the kind with quinoa and veggies?”

“You’ll love it.”

“Joey’s mom makes Joey health after school snacks. He has a slice of pizza and an ice cream sandwich. I don’t want to ruin my appetite with this snack, Mom. Can I go to Joey’s as soon as I finish my homework?”

“No, you cannot go to Joey’s and let his mother fill you up with unhealthy food choices. Tell me what happened at school today.”

“Joey’s mom is the best cook, maybe next to gramma, Dad’s mom.”

Here we go again, thinks Vinnie’s mom. She can’t help herself. “I got this recipe from the Food Channel. You really enjoy watching Bobby Flay on the Food Channel. He’s considered one of the best chefs in the world.”

“You cooking Mexican, Mom?”


“You cooking southwest barbeque?”


“It’s not Bobby Flay’s recipe, right, Mom?”

“Vincent, enough. Tell me about school,” demands Vinnie’s Mom. She walks over to the breakfast bar carrying a glass of apple cider. She sets it down next to Vinnie’s plate. She sits on a stool and says, “Tell me about your day? Did Mrs. Mavis talk about the oral family history?”

Vinnie nods and puts two pieces of apple in his mouth.

“Well?” says Vinnie’s mom.

Vinnie points to his full mouth.

Vinnie’s mom moves the plate away from Vinnie. She says, “I’ll wait until you chew and swallow.”

Vinnie finishes swallowing. He says, “There’s not much to say, Mom. It was a boring day. Can I go do my homework?”

“No. Vincent, you’ll sit here until I hear about your day.”

“Okay, but promise you won’t get mad at me and you’ll let me finish.”


“First, Mom. Did you get any emails or texts from school?”

“Oh dear, did you get in trouble?”

“Just the usual stuff, Mom.”



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