🍎 Today’s Health Tip ~ Show the Slow Cooker Some Love

Use The Slow Cooker


During the hot days of summer, a hot kitchen is one of the last places you want to . One of the easiest pieces of equipment you can use instead of the oven is aΒ slow cooker. It’s also extremely affordable. Make a healthy chili, soup, stew, risotto, brisket or other delicious dish in a flash by adding the recipe ingredients to the slow cooker, stirring them and setting the machine on “cook.” When you return from work, you’ll have a mouthwatering meal waiting for you. Yes, it’sΒ thatΒ easy.


I use my slow cooker to make a great meatless lentil chili. It’s a half hour prep and I get to enjoy the fragrance all through the day. Yummo!


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